A new vision for scientific discovery

Riffyn invites you on a tour of our new identity

Riffyn is the bridge from data to discovery

Riffyn equips the world’s best scientific minds with the technology they need to process and organize vast sums of data, gain insight, and drive innovation.

From lifesaving medical treatments to advances in agricultural science, Riffyn is there to provide the tools and platform to accelerate human progress.

A Letter from our CEO, Tim Gardner

A new form for a new future

Riffyn's newly minted visual language -- type, color, and style -- reflect a clearer and deeper connection to the north star of our work and to the bold impact we seek for our customers.

About the Riffyn brand

Not just a website, a northstar

With greater clarity, utility, and impact the new Riffyn website represents our identity brought to life.

Visit the new riffyn.com

Riffyn Nexus - the world’s first process data system

Riffyn SDE is now Riffyn Nexus, our cloud software platform serving as a hub of people, process, and data collaborating together to build a better future.

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Join us on our journey to a better, more sustainable future

Riffyn relies on the contributions and insights of the scientific community and our customers to build products that make a difference.

Join us in building an enduring platform for data, science, and the betterment of the world around us.